Your Social Security Number (SSN) should be kept safe at all times. This article provides information about the best ways to protect your SSN.

Tips for Protecting Your Social Security Number

  • The people most likely to ask for your Social Security number are employers, the IRS, banks/lenders, and government-run programs. If the person or entity requesting your Social Security number doesn’t fall into any of these categories, you have reason to be suspicious and to refuse their request.
  • Do not keep your Social Security card in your wallet. Memorize your number and keep your card locked away somewhere safe.
  • Never write your Social Security number in an email or say it in a voicemail. There’s no reason to do this; legitimate businesses would never ask you to do this, and anything that can be written in an email or spoken in a voicemail can be done in a much more secure way.
  • If you need to dispose of any documents that contain your Social Security number, shred them before you throw them away.
  • Don’t use any part of your Social Security number as a PIN code or as part of a password.