Security questions provide a secure way to access your BYU-Idaho account should you forget your username or password. Your security question should be something that only you would remember and cannot be looked up easily. Some examples of this are the name of your first-grade teacher, the first state you visited, or the name of your favorite pet.

1. Go to and click the blue button that says Sign In. This takes you to the university login page, which looks like this:

Step 1 Image

2. Even if your username and password are saved here, you will see the option to Change Password under the orange Login button. Click Change Password. This will take you to a page that looks like this:

Step 2 Image

3. Click Update Security Information from the options in the left column.

Step 3 Image

4. Click the small arrow in the bar next to Secret Question and choose a security question from the dropdown menu. 

5. Type the answer into the bar labeled Secret Answer.

6. While you’re here, make sure your Control Email is still accurate. Your control email is the email address you'd like notifications regarding your password or secret question/answer sent to. This email must be different than your school email address.

7. When you’re finished, click Submit.