This article walks you through the process of changing your BYU-Idaho password. 

1. Log out of your account by closing your internet browser. You may have to clear your cache or open a new incognito window. 

NOTE FOR MAC USERS: Right-click on the browser icon in the Dock and select "Quit" to fully exit the browser.

2. Open your internet browser, go to, and click the blue button that says "Sign In." This takes you to the university login page, which looks like this:

This is a screen shot of the Log in Page for BYU-Idaho showing the link to change your password.

  1. If your username and password are saved here, you will see the option to "Change Password" under the "Login" button. Select "Change password." This will take you to a page that looks like this:

This is a screen shot of teh web page you are taken to to change your password.

  1. Enter the required information, check the "I'm not a robot" box, and hit "Submit."
  2. If you are an employee, reboot your computer or log out and back in with your new password. You'll need to use your new password to get into your shared drives and Outlook mailboxes.

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