This article is meant to help you troubleshoot problems with push notifications on an Android device. 

 If you do not receive a push notification after enrolling your device successfully, you can try the following solutions: 

Refreshing the Duo Mobile App 

Go to the Duo Mobile app and pull down the screen. This will refresh your account and load all missing notifications. Find the notification you were trying to get and approve the authentication request. 

Updating Google Play 

If you are still not getting push notifications, you might need to check that Google Play is updated. If Google Play is out-of-date, update it. 

Clearing the Duo Mobile App Cache 

You can also clear the Duo Mobile app cache to try and free up any trapped notifications. To clear the Duo Mobile app cache: 

  1. Go to “Settings.”  

  1. Select “Apps” and scroll down to select “Duo Mobile.” 

  1. Tap “Clear Cache.”  

Checking Your Internet Connection 

If none of the previous steps work, check that you are using a strong Internet connection. Try turning the Wi-Fi on and off to reset the wireless network. If you have cellular data, turn off your Wi-Fi and use data instead in order to get a better Internet connection.