This is a brief tutorial on how to configure BYU-Idaho email on an Android device for students, where multiple emails have been configured for the same device.

1. Click on the "Options" button on your phone.

2. Select "Accounts."

3. Push the "Options" button on your phone, again.

4. Select "Add Account."

5. Input your BYU-Idaho email address and password.
6. Select "Manual Setup."

7. Select "Exchange" as the type.

8. Re-input your BYU-Idaho e-mail address in the "Username" field.
9. Input your BYU-Idaho password in the "Password" field.
10. Input "" for the "Server" field.

11. Click "OK" to allow Remote Security Administration.

12. When the "Account Options" screen comes up click "Next"

If you have followed these steps, you have successfully configured your Android Device with your Student Email. Congratulations!

If you have more phones that need to be reconfigured with email, follow the button below, or "continue" to configure any Tablets you have.

Configure More Phones Configure Tablets

If at any time you experience difficulty with the instructions in these tutorials, please give us a call at 208-496-9000 for additional help.