Linux Operating Systems are not currently supported by BYU-Idaho’s Technical Support. If you have not successfully integrated your BYU-Idaho E-mail and/or BYU-Idaho Wi-fi to a Linux Distribution, you will need to resolve these concerns yourself. If you need assistance on where to get started, please visit Google.

However, here's some information which could be helpful in configuring your computer when running Linux to be able to access the BYU-Idaho network:

  • Required Authentication: WPA2 Enterprise and 802.1x, and BYU-Idaho username and password.
  • You might also be asked for another authentication protocol. In this case, use PEAP. If it asks to see a certificate, ignore that message. It may ask for your username and password again, so go ahead and enter it.

If you have more computers, return to the "more computers" Operating System (OS) menu. Otherwise, continue to the change password instructions.

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