This is a brief tutorial on how to remove any BYU-Idaho Wi-Fi settings (including your BYUI password) on your iMobile device, such as the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

While you are on campus and in range of the BYUI Wi-Fi, Go to your settings app and open it.

Tab Settings

Next, select the "BYUI" network.

Then tap the "Forget this Network" button. Once you have tapped it, "Forget this Network" will come up with the option to "Cancel", click "Forget this Network." Doing this will forget the network, and erase your old password from automatically trying to connect your I-Phone or I-Pad to the wireless network.

*If the "BYUI" network doesn't appear in the "Choose a Network..."
turn off your Wi-Fi and then turn it back on, it should then show up.

Once you have finished removing your Wi-Fi Settings, please continue.


If at any time you experience difficulty with the instructions in these tutorials, please give us a call at 208-496-9000 for additional help.