In order to print a document wirelessly on campus, you need to install the appropriate printer driver (the software that allows your computer to communicate with the printer). The driver you need will vary depending on what operating system you have, and what printer you need to use. All the drivers you need are available for download in this article.

Windows Wireless Printing

  1. Download the Students Prints Pack.
  2. A downloaded file titled "Students Prints Pack" will appear at the bottom of your screen. Click to open the file once it has finished downloading.
  3. Click "Install" from the box that appears.
  4. The pack will then begin to install. A box will appear when the installation is complete. Click "Finish."
  5. Print your documents like you ordinarily would. When you are prompted to choose which printer to print from, the campus wireless printers should be among your available options. 

Mac Wireless Printing

If you are using a Mac, the printer driver you will need to install depends on your location on campus and the type of document you are printing. Follow the directions below to install the printer driver you need. The drivers are available below the instructions.

  1. Click on the print package below for the printer you are trying to print from. The printer’s file will download to your computer with the extension ".zip."
  2. Double-click the ".zip" file. This will cause the computer to change the file type from a ".zip" to a ".dmg."
  3. Double-click the ".dmg" file link. A popup window will appear showing an open box icon.
  4. Double-click on the open box.
  5. Click "Continue."
  6. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
  7. Once the installation is completed, go to the App Store on your computer. Click "Updates." You should now see a "Software Updates" menu with "HP Printer Software Update" beneath it. Click the "Update" button to install the update.
  8. Restart your computer.
  9. Now when you go to print a document from your Mac, you'll see whichever campus printers you downloaded among the available destination options.

Print Queue Locations (Building Room/Area)


  • Black & White printing
  • Letter and Legal sizes
  • Server:
  • Formerly known as "Pharos4000"

AgMech Bldg - Lobby

Austin - Main Floor Lobby

Austin 145/147 - Arch/Design Lab

Austin - Main Floor Near 155 - South

Austin 125/161 - Auto Mech Labs

Austin 213 - Computer Sci/ Linux Lab

Benson - 1st Floor - North

Benson - 2nd Floor - North and South

Centre Square Apartments - Buildings A, B, and C

Clarke 103 - Nursing Lab

Clarke 141 - Hallway - Family Sci Lab

Clarke 212 and 240 - Hallway

Hinckley - 1st and 3rd Floors

Kimball - Main Floor Lobby

Kirkham - 2nd Floor - Hallway

Livestock Center - Lab

Manwaring Center - Next to Info Desk

Manwaring Center - Outside Bookstore

Manwaring Center - MC-101 Activities

McKay Library - All Floors

Ricks - 1st and 2nd Floors - Commons

Romney - 1st and 2nd Floor Hallways

Smith 123 - Econ Lab

Smith - 2nd and 4th Floors - West

Snow 233 - Keyboard Music Lab

Snow 246 - Hallway

Spori 14 - Art Lab, 107 Comm Lab

Spori 270 - By The Elevator

Taylor - 1st Floor - Common Area

Mac StudentBW pack download

Windows Students BW pack download 


  • Black & White printing
  • Up to 11x17 size prints
  • Server:
  • Formerly known as "Pharos5200" or as "Arch-INTD-BW-11x17"

Austin - Main Floor - North

Austin 145/147 - Arch/Design Lab

Clarke 240 - Hallway

Snow 246 - Hall - Prints in Room 246

Spori 14 - Art Lab

Spori 107 - Communications Lab

Spori - 2nd Floor by Elevator

Mac StudentBW11x17 pack download

Windows StudentBW11x17 pack download 


  • Color printing
  • Letter and Legal size prints
  • Server:

Austin 145/147 - Arch/Design Labs

Clarke 212 - Hallway

Manwaring Center - Outside Bookstore

Manwaring Center - MC-101 Activities

McKay 140 - Commons

McKay - 3rd Floor

Mac StudentColor pack download

Windows StudentColor pack download 


  • Color printing
  • Up to 12x18 size prints
  • Server:

Austin 145/147 - Arch/Design Labs

Manwaring Center - Outside Bookstore

Mac StudentColor11x17 pack download 

Windows StudentColor11x17 pack download  


  • Color printing
  • Up to 12x18 size prints
  • Server:

Spori 2nd floor (Located next to the elevator)

Mac SporiColor pack download 

Windows SporiColor pack download


  • Black & White printing
  • Up to 12x18 size prints
  • Server:

Outside of Express Print & Copy (next to entrance of the BYU-Idaho Bookstore)

Mac ExpressBW pack donwload 

Windows ExpressBW pack download 


  • Up to 12x18 size prints
  • Server:

Outside of Express Print & Copy Color printing (next to entrance of the BYU-Idaho Bookstore)

Mac ExpressColor pack download 

Windows ExpressCOlor pack download