Setting Up Your Voicemail

To set up your voicemail, press the Messages button and follow the voice instructions. If a menu appears on your screen during the setup process, choose an appropriate menu item to complete the voicemail setup.

How Do I Know If I Have New Messages?

When checking to see whether you have new messages, look for a steady red light on your headset. You may also see a flashing envelope icon with the caption “Message Waiting” flashing on your screen. Additionally, waiting messages may be indicated by a stutter tone from your handset, headset, or speakerphone when you place a call.

Accessing Your Voicemail

To access your voicemail, press the Messages button. When prompted, enter your PIN. Press the number 3 to review old messages. Press 2 to erase old messages, and then 1 to confirm deletion.

If you want to automatically connect to the voicemail system each time you use your phone, contact your system administrator.

Deleting A Voicemail from Your Phone

To delete a voicemail from your Cisco phone:

  1. Press the button labeled "Messages."

  2. Enter your PIN when prompted.

  3. Press 3 to review your old messages.

  4. Erase messages by pressing 2 to delete, then 1 to confirm deletion.