Switching Between Multiple Calls

When your phone has several calls active, those calls will be displayed in a list on your screen. To switch between multiple calls:

  1. Highlight the current call, then press the Hold button.
  2. Use the arrow keys to select the call you wish to pick back up.
  3. Once the appropriate call is highlighted on the screen, press Resume.

Answering a Call While Maintaining Another Call

If you are in the middle of a call when another call comes through that you wish to answer immediately:

  1. Hit the Answer button. The current phone call will then be placed on hold in favor of the incoming call.

Sending Calls Straight to Voicemail

If you are in the middle of a phone call when another phone call interrupts:

  1. Hit iDivert to send the new call straight to voicemail.

NOTE: When manning a multiple-line phone system, please keep the needs and feelings of our callers in mind. Be courteous and attentive when transferring calls or placing callers on hold. Make sure that they know they will be transferred or placed on hold.