Please be aware that whenever you print directly from the Web, the results of the printing job are not guaranteed to look as expected. If it is vital that your document looks the same printed as it does on the screen, it is highly recommended that you convert the page to a .pdf rather than attempt to print it directly from the internet.

Printing Directly From Your Browser

Printing directly from Web can cause inconsistent results due to web developers using different methods to keep their pages up-to-date. If these pages are not updated properly, it can cause documents to print blank, or to print as a collection of random characters.

Opening a Document Instead of Saving

When you “Open” a document rather than “Save” it, computer-to-printer issues often result. This is because the document will not register as fully downloaded, which can sometimes cause inconsistencies with the printer. These inconsistencies usually cause the printer to print blank pages.

These issues can usually be resolved by simply downloading the document in question and saving it in .pdf format before printing.