Speed Dialing

Speed dialing assigns an index number, button, or phone screen item to a contact. When selected, this index number, button, or phone screen item will automatically trigger a phone call with the assigned contact. 

Conference Calls

Beginning a Conference Call 

While on the phone with one of the members of the pending conference call, press Conference. It may appear on your screen as "Cnfrn", and you may need to press the "More" soft key in order to get to the Cnfrn button. After you’ve pressed Conference, enter the number of the first participant you want added to the conference call. Wait for the call to connect, then press Conference again to finalize the addition of the participant to the conference call. Repeat these steps as many times as you need to in order to add everyone to the call.

Removing Individual Members From a Conference Call 

To remove individual members from an in-progress conference call while leaving the conference call intact, press Conference List. It may appear on your screen as "ConfList". This will bring up a list of all the conference call’s current participants, with the most recent additions at the top of the list. Use the arrow keys on the phone console to highlight the participant’s ID, then press Remove. If the person you wish to remove from the call was the last participant added to the call, simply press Remove Last Participant (RMLstC).