If you are a woman who is interested in STEM, we encourage you to join the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) at BYU-Idaho!

This group is comprised of about 40 women who are interested in pursuing STEM careers. According to SWE president Erika Rigby, SWE membership allows scientifically-minded women to connect with other women involved in their field of study, as well as to access scholarships and network with possible future employees. 

"There are so many women that are capable, smart, sharp, and good at what they do. What they are lacking is the opportunity to sit across the table from the other minds that are coming up with the innovative solutions," said Dr. Christyl Johnson, NASA's Deputy Director for Technology and Research Investments, in Forbes magazine's article "Hidden Figures: On How to Advance Women in STEM." SWE tries to help women overcome this barrier by helping them to build their confidence that they can succeed in their field, according to Rigby.  

For more information about SWE you can visit their Instagram (@byuiswe) or contact Erika Rigby at rig05007@byui.edu.