Interactive Voice Response (IVR) will be implemented for the university's main phone line on Thursday, August 24. This is the result of a collaborative effort by various support centers on campus. It will provide an avenue for all students, faculty, and staff to call one number to receive the help they need.

When a caller interacts with the IVR (also known as a "phone tree"), they will be asked via an automated system to press a key on their phone to indicate whether they are a student, a non-faculty staff member, or a faculty member. Then, they will need to press a second key indicating the reason for the phone call (technology issues, financial aid, etc). Based upon their responses, the caller will be directed to the correct department/group to get their questions answered or their problems resolved. This streamlines services by allowing those with more specialized questions to bypass the generic phone queue they would otherwise be required to wait in, and by reducing the amount of transfers required to get a caller to the department/group they need to speak with.

The university's main number will remain the same at (208) 496-1411.

BYU-Idaho looks forward to the improved customer service IVR will bring.