Phishing scams are on the rise, especially at this time of year as "job offer" scams target graduating seniors and other college students. These scams extract personal information from students by presenting them with false job offers, often claiming the student will be pre-paid for their work. The scammer requests the student's address and then sends them a check. The check is fraudulent; if cashed, it bounces and the amount of the check is subtracted from the recipient's account and placed in the scammer's account.

Students who receive an email with a false job offer should report it to the BYU-Idaho Support Center at (208) 406-1411, or by submitting a ticket here. Students who have received both an email and a check should NOT cash the check. Instead, they must take the check to the Rexburg police and report the situation. They are also HIGHLY encouraged to change their BYU-Idaho password.