To increase the security of your most sensitive information, 2-factor authentication (2FA) is coming to all employees and faculty. This includes online employees and, eventually, student employees. 2FA is an extra layer of security applied to your BYU-Idaho account. Many universities across the country use 2FA to keep their information safe, as it is nonintrusive, reliable, and easy-to-use.  

This decision was made in conjunction with President's Executive Group (PEG). They counseled and prayed over this decision for a long time before finally approving 2FA at BYU-Idaho.  

2FA will be implemented for full-time employees (faculty, staff, administration, and online employees) on June 27. The first time you sign in to your BYU-Idaho account on or after June 27, 2FA will ask you to provide an extra method ("factor") to prove you are who you say you are ("authenticate"). The method you use will differ depending on whether you want to receive a text message with a code that must be entered into your computer, a phone call with an automated voice asking for approval, or a smartphone notification you'll receive asking you to accept or deny entry to your account.  

Please watch emails, IT social media, and other modes of communication for 2FA updates. If you have any questions, please contact the BYU-Idaho Support Center at (208) 496-1411, or check out the many resources available on the brand-new 2FA website at