Net-ID, Password, I-Card

How do I find my I-Number and Email?

  • Your I-Number and Email is located on your student ID.
  • Log-in to and your I-Number is located in the "Profile" tab.

My BYU-I Tab

  • Scroll down with your mouse and your email and ID number are located in the "Personal Info" section.

Personalize Table


How do I change my password?

How do I add money to my I-card?

How to add money to my I-card

1. First you log into your my.byui

2.     Go to your finances tab on the home screen

3. Under "Personal Account Summary" click on "add funds" if you do this click here ignore step 4. If it doesn't come up then you can click on "View Detailed Personal Account Summary."

4. Then add the top tool bar click on the add to I-card

5. Then type  how much you want to add to you I-card ( the minimum you can add is $20)


Then it will show you your receipt for the deposit, and it should take about 5 minutes for it to enter you I-card.