BYU-Idaho Laptop Initiative


Laptop Purposes and Benefits

The purpose of the BYU–Idaho Laptop Initiative is to increase the quality of the student experience. Students will be equipped with better tools to learn, organize, communicate, and complete assignments. In addition, long term, expenses will be reduced as students gain access to less expensive learning material. By incorporating the laptop initiative into the BYU–Idaho educational experience, students will be better prepared for lifelong learning and employment in the information age.

Key benefits:

1. Improves the ability of students to implement the Learning Model by coming prepared to class having read about and researched learning objectives available online.

2. Enhances the ability of students to make the best use of their time by allowing access to Internet-based assignments, I-Learn, and other resources between classes, while they’re on campus. Wireless Internet access is available in all campus buildings.

3. Allows students to add the laptop purchase expense to the total cost of an education for federal financial aid and tax refund purposes.

4. Provides access to specialized software otherwise available only in on-campus labs. This software includes programs for computer-aided design and scientific analysis. If more students utilize this software on laptops, the number of computer labs can be reduced freeing space for more classrooms. Such flexibility will allow the university to serve more students.

5. Provides easy access to wireless printing from a campus printer: .

For more information from the Computer Help Desk, please go to, or call (208) 496-9000.