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The BYU-Idaho IT website is geared towards helping students and employees find solutions to common technology-related problems. These articles are intended to be helpful and easy-to-understand. With all the articles and tutorials that are available on the IT website, it might be hard to find the information or solution that you are looking for, so here are some helpful tips for getting around and finding a solution that fits your needs.

Finding the Right Category

Once you've chosen between the Student or Employee option from the main page, you will find a list of categories to choose from. Try to think about what your issue involves. For example, when trying to find a solution to a Wi-Fi related issue, you will be able to find a solution under the "Network" category. Be aware that you may have to look in different categories to find what you need.

Category Overview

Sometimes a solution won't be exactly where you expect, or will be harder to find than you had anticipated. Luckily, we are here to help make finding the right answer to your problems a little easier. Below is a helpful guide to help you match your problem to the category in which you'll find a solution.

  • Applications - This section contains articles and tutorials about software used on campus, such as Feith, Equella, and LiveChat systems. Currently, this section is mostly for employees, but it is aimed to grow more as the website continues to expand.
  • Classroom - This section contains articles and tutorials about technology that are used in classrooms or labs around campus.
  • Email - This section contains articles and tutorials about Outlook email, myBYUI email, and other issues that relate to email services used by the school.
  • I-Learn - This section contains articles and tutorials about I-Learn related issues and problems. This is helpful to both students and employees who use - and face problems with - the I-Learn system.
  • Microsoft Office - This section contains articles and tutorials about Microsoft Office. Here you can find helpful articles on where and how to download software, how to set up certain software on your computer, and helpful troubleshooting tips. This section will not include articles about Outlook, even though Outlook is a Microsoft Office product.
  • myBYUI - This section contains articles and tutorials about myBYUI. This includes things like adding money to your I-Card and changing your myBYUI password.
  • Network - This section contains articles and tutorials about issues related to Wi-Fi and campus internet issues.
  • Phones - This section contains articles and tutorials about the Cisco phones used on campus. This section does not cover anything about mobile phones or devices.
  • Printer - This section contains articles and tutorials about campus printers, including setting them up with your computer and troubleshooting common printing problems.
  • Security - This section contains articles and tutorials about security issues for your student or employee account and login information. This includes articles about phishing email scams, viruses, and password protection.

Student vs. Employee

When trying to decide which section to select, you might want to explore the "Employee" section rather than the "Student" section, depending on the situation. One of those situations is if you are a student but work on campus; then, you would most likely find a solution under the "Employee" section if you are having trouble with something employee-specific, such as your work phone or a software system. Just remember that each section is open to - and may be helpful to - anyone. The reason these two sections are separate is that we wanted to keep one of the groups from scrolling through articles and categories that may not pertain to them at all.

My Solution Isn't Here

In IT, we are doing everything we can to make sure that content is available and useful to all. Unfortunately, we may not have a solution for everything. With that being said, you may have to get help finding a solution from our helpful staff at the BYU-Idaho Support Center. They are there to help you when you can't find a solution on our site. Please go to our main page and use the Support area to find information for contacting the BSC and what options you have in contacting them.