Windows XP Wireless Setup

You will not need to do this every time you want to get on the internet.  This is just for the first time you connect a computer with Windows XP to the campus internet.

1. Double click the wireless icon in the lower right-hand corner.

                     This image shows the desktop with the wireless icon in the lower right-hand corner of the page.  Click on it.

2. Click on "Change Advanced Settings."

This image shows the wireless connections available.  In the lower left, click on

3.  Click the "Wireless Networks" tab of the window that opens.

                     This is the Wireless Network Connection Properties pop up.  Click on the

                                 4. Click on the "Add..." button.

5. Fill out the form like this.*

This image is the Wireles network properties pop-up.  Type

* Type "BYUI" in the Network name box.

* Use the "WPA2" option in the "Network Authentication" box. If you don't have that option use "WPA."

6. Click "Authentication."   7. Change the EAP type to "PEAP."   8. Click "Properties."

Within the


                      This is the Protected EAP Properties pop-up.

9. Click "Configure." There will be a box that pops up with a checked box in it.  UNCHECK the box.

10. Click "OK" on every open window.

11. Once you've clicked "OK" on all the boxes, wait a few seconds and a bubble will appear in the lower right-hand corner of the page.  Click on it.

                         A bubble will pops up in the lower right fo the page.

12. Fill out the form.  Your Net-ID is the same username you use to log into BYU-I's website to check your account, register for classes, log into I-Learn, etc. Use the same password you use to log into

Enter your BYUI log-in credentials in their respective boxes. Leave the domain blank. Leave the "Logon domain" blank.

13. Once you've entered your Net-ID and password, a bubble will appear in the lower right again. Click it.

Wireless Network Connection bubble.  Click it.

This is the

14. Click "OK."  Your wireless should now work.