Android Wireless

Connecting Android Devices to the BYU-I Network.

While you are on the BYU-I Wi-Fi network, go to your "Settings" app and open it.

Next tap "Wireless and Network."

Then tap "Wi-Fi Settings."

Next tap the "BYUI" network.

Once you have done this the box will appear showing you the network, as well as some information about it. Verify that the network is BYUI, then tap "Forget."

Now that you have cleared your login information by forgetting the "BYUI" network, we need to reconnect to the schools network to put in your new password.

To do this, go back into the Wi-Fi settings and find, and tap, the "BYUI" network. As long as you are on campus it should automatically show up. If it does not automatically appear, tap "Find a Network."

Now that you have found the BYUI Wi-Fi network, you need to put in your "my.byui" username.

Once you have, swipe down and put in your "my.byui" password, and tap "connect."

Now that you have done this your new password will be saved on your android device and your device will connect to the schools Wi-Fi without issue.