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Wireless Printing Instructions for Windows 8

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Easy Install Instructions

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Pharos 4000 Printer Alternative Setup for Windows 8


Follow all of these steps exactly and you'll do just fine.  If you have issues, call the BYU-Idaho Support Center (208) 496-1411.  

keyboard display of windows key and

                     On your keyboard, hold down the "windows" key and the "R" key at the same time.

The following pop-up will appear:

run box

Type \\ into the box.  Make sure you use back-slashes instead of forward slashes. 

                   The back-slash key is normally found just above the enter key or nearby it.

keyboard display of backslash location

runbox with appropriate text

           Hit OK.

Once you've hit OK, the following pop-up will appear:
pop-up windows for credentials

      Type BYUI\ for the domain first (remember the back-slash!). Then type your school username after the domain has been entered. The password is simply your school password.  You must follow this step exactly or it will not work.

example pop-up with appropriate text

Make sure the "Remember my credentials" box is checked or this won't work properly

Hit OK.

Once you've hit OK, the following box will likely appear:

pop-up window to be closed

Go ahead and just exit out of this.

Next, hold down the "windows" key as well as the "X" key at the same time.

keyboard display of windows key and

The following box will appear:
pop-up menu to find control panel

Click on the "Control Panel" option. 

The Control Panel box will appear:
control panel image

Click on "View devices and Printers," just below "Hardware and Sound."

The Devices and Printers pop-up will appear.                              Click on "Add a printer."

devices and printers image
The following will appear.  Click "The printer that I wanted isn't listed" and then hit Next.
printer that I wanted isn't listed image

The following box will appear:
add local printer selection screen

Click on "Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings."

The following box will appear: 

create a new local port windows

Select "Create a new port" and leave the "Type of port" on Local Port.  Click Next

  The following popup will appear:

blank port name popup

Enter \\\pharos4000 (using back-slashes) as the port name. 
port name box filled

Hit OK. 

The following box will appear:
printer driver menu screen

 Select HP as the Manufacturer and the "HP LaserJet 4200/4300 PCL6 Class Driver" from the Printers. 
correct hp driver selected image

Hit Next.

The following will appear:

printer name screen

Erase the Printer name "HP LaserJet 4200/4300 PCL6 Class Driver."

Type "Pharos4000" as the new name for the printer.

printer name screen filled correctly

Hit Next.

The following box will then appear:

select do not share printer

Select "Do not share this printer" and click Next.

The following popup will appear:
successfully added Pharos4000

Hit Finish; you're done!