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TeamDynamix Training

Here is a link to the User guide from TeamDynamix.  Click Here

If you have any questions feel free to call the BYU-Idaho Support Center at x1411.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we change to TD?

The decision to upgrade TeamDynamix was based on the significant functionality and process improvement gains that come with the new version. These improvements include:

  • Provides the ability to start with a framework similar to what users are already used to, but also allowing for significant expansion and improvement in the future
  • Allows more flexibility than the previous version by allowing each portfolio to create unique processes customized to their needs
  • Creates a common, campus-wide solution that will be used by IT, Help Desk, Online Support Center, Ask BYU-I, and other university areas. This will simplify the passing of requests to different support groups on campus
  • Includes functionality to automate processes by prepopulating forms and allowing the creation of workflows
  • Adheres to the latest ITIL/ITSM methodology which is the current industry standard

And coming soon...

  • Improved reporting capability
  • A customized, streamlined ticket entry and reporting portal
  • Improved visibility of tickets and projects statuses
  • Increased automation functionality

How do I access TD?

I am a Functional Unit User – How do I submit a ticket in TD?

Call Portfolio Coordinator, the Help Desk or send an email to automatically create a ticket to the following:

  • University Resources Portfolio
  • IT Core – call the BYU-Idaho Support Center or
  • Student Services Portfolio – Contact Portfolio Coordinator (Debbie Peck)
  • Academic Portfolio -

I am an IT User – How do I submit a ticket in TD?

You can submit tickets similarly to how you used to, or there are additional options depending on which Portfolio you belong to.

For TDNEXT users, click on the Tickets tab at the top of the screen and click on “New Incident” to enter your ticket.

  • Enter a ticket Title (the short description of the ticket)
  • Enter the name of the person requesting the ticket in the Requestor field (you can look it up)
  • The Requestor’s Department should auto-fill in the Acct/Dept field. If not, look it up and select it.
  • Select the Ticket Type – choose the ticket type that reflects which IT Portfolio will be doing the work on this ticket and what type of work it is. For example, if it is an Enhancement request for Student Services, select “Student Services Portfolio - Software Request, Enhancement, Business Plan”. Depending on which Ticket Type is selected, additional fields will appear at the bottom of the ticket. Enter the required data.
  • Task Template is optional – if you don’t know what it is, don’t use it.
  • Select Impact, Urgency, and Priority
  • Source is optional
  • Enter a longer description of the request
  • Skip down to Start Date and Due Date – enter when you expect the ticket to be started and when you would like it to be completed.
  • Besides the required fields that appear based on Ticket Type, ignore all other fields at this time, and click “SAVE”.

Who is my Portfolio Coordinator?

  • Academic Portfolio: Dean Allen – x7211
  • Student Services Portfolio: Debbie Peck – x7050
  • University Resources Portfolio: Roger Jackson – x1918
  • IT Core Portfolio: Todd Smith – x7259

What if my issue is an emergency?

Call your Portfolio Coordinator first, then create a ticket afterwards. If your Portfolio Coordinator is not available, you can call the Help Desk and they will escalate the issue to IT. The Help Desk is now on the same TD system as IT, so the escalation is seamless.

How do I submit a project request in TD?

You should submit a ticket and work with your Portfolio Coordinator.

How do I find a ticket I have submitted?

  • It depends on your role and portfolio. Additional reporting capabilities are being developed, but you can always call your Portfolio Coordinator or the Help Desk.
  • If you are a TDNEXT user, you can search for your ticket in TD by clicking on the Tickets tab at the top of the page and selecting Tickets on the left menu (you can enter specific search criteria at that point).
  • If you are a TDCLIENT user, your ticket should be displayed in the Tickets tab.

How do I find a ticket someone else has submitted?

For TDNEXT users, you can search for all tickets in the Tickets tab. Functional users must contact their Portfolio Coordinator for now, but when the additional reporting capabilities are completed, you will be able to use those reports.

How do I find the Tickets and Tasks I am supposed to work on?

After logging into TD, click on the My Work tab at the top of the page, and select My Assignments.

Will I be able to see tickets in the old TD system?

  • Tickets in the old TD system will be available through the data warehouse. You can access that the same way you did before:
  • The TD v7.2 TDNEXT and TDCLIENT interfaces will no longer be available. Contact Paul Jeppson x9010 if you have special need to access the old TD v7.2 system.

How do I enter my time in TD?

    • Only IT users enter their time on tickets and projects in TD. They will enter their time on Tickets and Projects using the “MyWork” feature.
    • After logging into TD, click on the My Work tab at the top of the page, then click on My Time Card and enter your time as you did previously.
Image of TD timecard

What if I don’t have access to some of the things mentioned in these FAQ’s?

Until February 18th, 2013 contact Paul Jeppson. After February 18th, 2013, call the Help Desk.

Other Features

  • The Apps button at the top left part of the screen has additional features that you are authorized to access.
  • You are free to customize your Desktop in TD.


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