Delegating to Delegates in Outlook

  • If you want a delegate to send items on your behalf, including creating and responding to meeting requests):
    • Outlook 2010 or 2013
      1. File
      2. Account Settings
      3. Delegate Access
  • If you want to grant folder permissions without giving send-on-behalf-of permissions:
  • If you want to share contacts with a role click here to send a request to the Help Desk.
  • File --> Open --> Other User's Folder each time they want to access it.  To avoid that and have the mailbox show up in your list of mailboxes please click here to send a request to the Help Desk.
  • If you continue to get calendar notifications even after you've moved departments check with the originator of the appointment to see if they still have you set as a delegate.
  • You can also be a delegate without receiving a copy of meeting requests and responses.  Have the delgator change their settings.