How to Manage Blocked Messages

  • We've partnered with Microsoft Office 365's Exchange Online Protection (EOP) to automatically quarantine highly-suspicious messages at the server level before they even reach your Inbox or Junk E-mail folder.
  • You will occasionally receive a message from indicating that you have X (number) of new spam-quarantined messages.
  • You will have 3 options:
    1. Release to Inbox
      • Send the message to your Inbox.  This is usually used to review the message in more detail to determine whether it's something that you want to continue to allow us to quarantine, whether you can safely unsubscribe from the message, or whether you want to report to us that it is not - in fact - junk.
    2. Report as Not Junk
      • Send a copy of the message to us for analysis.  If you're certain that the message should not have been quarantined - based on your review of the Sender and Subject from the report and/or from having used the Release to Inbox link to review it in more detail - this is how you'd let us know that you don't want these messages quarantined in the future.
    3. Delete the Message
      • This simply indicates that you agree with our actions of quaranting the message(s) indicated in the notification.
  • If you're on a Macintosh computer using Safari as your default browser, you may need to make a change to a certificate in order to avoid the "This client requires a certificate" message.  Here's a Microsoft Support article ( explaining how to do that.