Prevent Spam and Junk Emails on your own

You can choose whether to block/allow messages using Outlook.  

In Outlook 2013 you can find the Junk E-mail Options in the Home in the Delete section. If you click on the arrow next to the Junk option then select the Junk E-mail Options... like this:

In the Junk Email Options dialog you will see many options regarding how incoming emails will be handled. You will want to make sure that you have the "Low" setting selected, as well as the other Recommended options

Ensure you have the Correct Settings

Next you will want to click on the "Safe Senders" tab. Here you will click on the "add" button.

Step 3 in making email safe

In this next Dialog box you are prompted for a domain name, which can be something like Basically anyone you trust to receive email from you can add them into your safe list which means when they send you an email they will go to your inbox and not to your junk email folder if they have been in the past. You can add a whole group of people if you trust them by just adding the whole domain, such as, or you can make it a specific person such as Be careful though when you add someone they will be trusted, but you can remove the name later if you need too.

Adding names in

Once you have finished adding all the people you trust you can add all the people you know are spammers. This is pretty much the same way as adding people you trust but you have to select the "Blocked Senders" tab at the top, from here you can add people the same way as before, but this time these are people you know are spammers.

Blocking sendersStep 4.2

Now the last step is to just apply the settings you have made and you're good to go. Happy emailing!

Step 5