How to archive folders from Outlook 2007

Archiving in Outlook 2007

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  • Procedure (General):
    • Tools->Options
    • The "AutoArchive" tab specifies how often to archive, and how long to keep emails before moving them to an archive.
    • Be sure to click "Apply these settings to all folders" and choose a file name instead of selecting "Permanently delete old items."
  • Procedure (Custom):
    [To prohibit certiain folders from being archived or to archive individual email folders]
    • Right click in any folder that you want to archive and select "Properties".
    • In the account properties select "Auto Archive".
    • Select the option that says "Archive items in this folder using the default settings" then click the button "Default Archive Settings..."
    • Select options that best fit you and your job. You can run an auto archive every number of days that you prefer. When you run that, you can select to delete only folders that are 6, 7 or whatever months old. You can also select where you want to put the archived folders by clicking the "Browse" button. See the other options carefully. When you finish with the your preferred settings, click "Ok".
    • Click "Apply" to approve your preferred settings.
  • To determine which biggest files to delete or archive are, you can always sort by the size column. If the size column is not available, you can add it by right clicking on the column headers, select field chooser, and drag "size" onto the header bar.