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Our goal is to support BYU-I email needs effectively through:

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  • LivePerson Support
  • Proactive Problem Solving Through Help Desk Tickets

To access your my BYU-Idaho email (whether employee or student), simply login to and then click the EMAIL tab

When should I use which communication style?

Instant messages. 

These are an interruption, but good for quick conversation. They stick around. Use them for discussing quick, real-time information that someone isn't going to need to refer to later.


is great for documents. It's permanent, easy to forward, leaves a paper trail, and can be saved for reference. Email is best for long explanations and reference material. Don't use it for emotional discussions.

Here's another take on the benefits of Email:


is much faster than typing, as long as you can refrain from social chit-chat. When an email conversation has more than 3 messages, save time by calling. If you're discussing something emotional, call, so you can hear each other's voice tone.

In person 

meetings are best for highly emotional topics like performance evaluations, hiring, firing, breaking up, proposing marriagegiving feedback, and complimenting a new outfit, no matter how you actually feel about Lycra and paisley.

Need help setting up your email?

Setting up Outlook is a breeze, for employees on Windows click here and for Students click here!

Want to set up an appointment for us to work with you or your department to get help with Outlook?

When things get busy and your inbox starts to fill up, some of our organizational and filtering techniques can save you time and worry when you're working through those busy mail loads to keep you organized and archived properly. Set up a workshop with us today to get your department on track with email!

Just want some helpful information to read?

Watch the links to the left.  As we get problems from our faculty and students that may apply to more people than we thought, we'll be making new pages as references for you to check out!  In addition, here are some email-related tips from other campus areas:

Employees! Microsoft Office 365 arrived in the Spring of 2014. For now we're just using the Exchange Online portion of it, which includes the following:

  • Access to files, documents and photos across multiple devices from anywhere.
  • 50 GB Mailboxes
Coming soon, though, along with virtually anywhere access to familiar Office tools, plus enterprise-grade email, conferencing, and more here are just some of the advantages we'll see when we fully begin using Office 365: :
  • 7 GB SkyDrive folders
  • Office 2013 Professional Plus (up to 5 devices/user)
  • Office Web Apps provides online access to basic versions of 4 Office applications:
    1. Word
    2. Excel
    3. PowerPoint
    4. OneNote
  • Lync 
    • Voice conferencing
    • Video conferencing
    • IM
    • Skype contacts right from Lync and vice versa