Windows Office 2013 Install Documentation

(Expect the Windows Office 2016 to hit general availability in the second half of 2015.)

We are in the proccess of adding the images. Thank you for your patience.

Please note that if you have any previous version of Mircrosoft Office on you computer that you will need to unistall it before downloading and installing a new version of Office. If you do not it will not work.

To unistall previous versions of Office just go to your control panel or search "add or remove programs" and click on the previous version of Office you have and select uninstall.

Office unistall image

Office For Windows 7 or later

Step 1: Click on Microsoft Office 2013

Step 2: Click “Add to Cart”

Step 3: Select the options you would like. Most students do not select these other options. Click “Check Out”

Step 3

Step 4: Fill in the required information for the software agreement

Step 4

Step 5: Press “Proceed with Order”

Step 5

Step 6: IMPORTANT! On this page, there is a Product Key. It is the letters and numbers in red. You must write these down and keep them somewhere you won’t forget. Please do so now. When you are done writing these letters and numbers down, Press “Start Download”

*You can highlight and copy the product key to paste in a document or paste it in the field that you use to activate office later in this tutorial

*Would advise that you email yourself the product key or have it printed out and stored in a safe place so you don't have to pay for it to get it back, The product key will only be here for 31 days after that you have to pay to get it

Step 6

Step 7: Read the instructions on the page and make the appropriate selection. If you have never downloaded something from the bookstore before, just select option 1. The computer this tutorial is being created on has already downloaded something from the bookstore and therefore will select option 3.

Step 7

Step 8: Run or open the file depending on your selection

Step 8

Step 9: When the secure download manager opens, select download on the appropriate bit type for your computer. This download may take some time.

*If you go to computer properties you should see what type of operating system you have either 64 or 32 bit. If you are in doubt go 32 bit since it will work on a 64 bit.

Step 9

Step 10: When the download has finished, Click “Launch”

Step 10

Step 11: Click “Yes” to allow the installation of Microsoft Office 2013

Step 11

Step 12: Check the box “I accept the terms of this agreement” and press “Continue”

Step 12

Step 13: Press “Install Now”

Step 13

Step 14: The installing may take a while

Step 14

Step 15: Once the installation completes, you will be notified. Press “Close”

Step 15

Step 16: Open the Start Menu and find “Microsfot Office 2013”

Step 16

Step 17: Expand the Folder so you can see all available office programs

Step 17

Step 18: Click Microsoft Office. We’ll use this program to get things finished up

Step 19: Once Mirosoft Word has opened you will be prompted to “Activate Office” Select “Enter a product key instead.”

Step 19

Step 20: Enter in the product key letters and numbers you recorded earlier in the form. NOTE Keep this product key for your records.

Step 20

Step 21: Once Microsoft Word has verified your product key, and the next window pops up, select “Use recommended settings.”

Step 21

Step 22: You will be prompted to allow Microsoft permission to install the updates for Microsoft Office. Select “Yes”

Step 22

Step 23: Let it finish installing the updates and then continue

Step 24: The following steps are not necessary, but you may wish to learn more about Office. If you decided to continue, eventually, you will see the following screen:

Step 24

You are now done installing and updating Microsoft Office 2013

Remember to save the product key if you haven't done so already.