Microsoft Office Options



Download through 
(see instructions below)

1 copy with Product Key

1 copy with Product Key

Download through

5 copies that phone home every 30 days


Installed by Tech Support
(schedule through Help Desk)

1 copy per campus-owned computer

1 copy per campus-owned computer


In order to download a copy of Office (which comes with a product key) you need to be a current STUDENT (free) or EMPLOYEE (discounted) of BYU-Idaho.

You can get to the download two different ways:

  1. Here is the direct link  
  2. Or via the bookstore webpage and once your there you will hover your mouse over "Technology" and click on "Free Microsoft Downloads"



 You will now see the following page:
 picture 2


You will click the "Learn More" button underneath the download option You should now see the following page:
 picture 3

You now see the download now link you will need to click on that and it will either take you to the my BYU-I sign in page if so go ahead and sign in. If you are already signed in earlier your good. Once you are signed in you will see the following page. 

 picture 4 

From here you can pick out what products you want it can vary from I have displayed here but you should see Microsoft Office *Please note that Mac users can only get Microsoft Office 2011*

More Info:

!!!DON'T FORGET TO SAVE YOUR PRODUCT KEY WHEN IT IS GIVEN TO YOU!!!*Save it in a file, print it, Email it to yourself, or store in a safety deposit box. Just save it or spend money later to get it back.*


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