Mailbox Limits @ BYUI

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Mailbox Size Limits

The current email system on campus allows employees 50GB space.  Here's how to tell how close you are to the limit:

In Outlook 2010/2013:

  1. Right-click your Mailbox
  2. Data File Properties...
  3. Folder Size...

In Outlook Web App (OWA):

  1. Gear
  2. Options
  3. Other
  4. Go to the earlier version

Mailbox Cleaning

With 50GB mailboxes you shouldn't have to clean them to avoid them becoming too large, But, if you wish to clean your mailbox click here for some tips.

    Message Limits

    Message Size Limits

    • Most email servers are configured to reject messages larger than 10 MB.  BYUI allows users to send attachments up to 25MB.  If your "big" file attachment is bound for some other destination, it may be rejected by another server along the way.
    • Here's why Microsoft Office 365 makes restrictions: more about size restrictions here.
    • Here are some options for sending a file that exceeds the limits:
      • Cloud storage provides a way around the file size limitations.  Instead of sending a file via email, upload it to a cloud service and email just a link to the file to your recipient. The recipient clicks on the link in your email to download or view the file from the cloud.
        • is currently supported.
        • OneDrive for Business is now available for testing purposes.  Ask the Help Desk for an account license upgrade today.

    Message Recipient Limits

    • For more information about sending mass messages, please check our Mass Email help page.
    Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM Call us: (208) 496-9000