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SkyDrive Has Changed

BYU-Idaho has upgraded student email to Office 365. With this upgrade your current SkyDrive will no longer be attached to your student account on myBYUI. Don't worry, your files still exist, but you will access them at

  • You now have a separate account to access your SkyDrive
  • Your username is your student email address
  • Both accounts will initially have the same password.
    • If you change it for one account it will not be changed for the other because they are two completely separate accounts.
Personal Microsoft Account BYU-Idaho (Organizational/Institutional) Account

On Sep 30, 2013 this tab will no longer be available from myBYUI.

  • Please bookmark
  • For more information about the change to Office 365 watch this short, two minute video.

Video Notes

Our school will soon be upgrading from Live@edu to Office 365. With this there will be a few changes happening to your accounts.
With Live@edu you had one account for your Email, SkyDrive, and Messanger 
However, after the upgrade you will have two different accounts:
  One with your SkyDrive and Messanger (Personal Microsoft Account)
   - Contains your existing SkyDrive files and data
   - Personal account not maintained by the school 
  Another with Email, SharePoint, Lync, etc. (Office 365 Account)
   - School account with your existing email
   - Maintained by the school

Both accounts will initially have the same username and password but if you change your password for one account it will not be changed for the other becasue they are two compeletely seperate accounts.