BYUI eMailbox Limits

Mailbox Size Limits

The current email system on campus allows employees 500MB space.  Here's how to tell how close you are to the limit:

In Outlook 2010/2013:

  1. Right-click your Mailbox
  2. Data File Properties...
  3. Folder Size...

In Outlook Web Access (OWA):

(Only viewable in Microsoft Internet Explorer)

  1. Log-in to
  2. Click the "EMAIL" tab.
  3. In the upper left, you will see the folder list. Your name will be displayed near the top as Lastname, Firstname. Mouse over your name. A small box with your storage information will appear.

Mailbox Cleaning

If you need to clean your mailbox click here for some tips.

Mailbox Size Increase

If you are having trouble with your mailbox saying that it is full or almost full this could make it so that some emails are not sent or recieved. If you feel like you need to have your mailbox size increased please take the survey below. It will guide you through some of the most common questions that we would ask when you are trying to increase your mailbox size. Once the survey is completed, an email will be sent to the email administrators so that they can increase your mailbox size.

Request A Mailbox Size Increase

    Message Size Limits

    In order to keep things running smoothly large files cannot be sent as email attachments.


    • Employees can send attachments up to 10MB.  
    • Larger files can be uploaded to a Box account.