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Department (Shared) Mailbox: How to add or access the email account of the department that you work for

NOTE: A mailbox is different than a distribution list (DL) which is a collection of recipients logically grouped together and addressed as a single recipient.

To request a mailbox:

  1. Mailbox Request Form
  2. Mailbox will be fully-accessible from on and off campus the day after you receive notification that it has been built.

To access an existing mailbox:

    1. Have your supervisor add you to the appropriate role in Role Manager.
    2. Restart your computer.
    3. Choose whether you want to access email via a web browser (Outlook Web Access) or email software (Outlook Client)
    Full-Time Employee Student Employee
    Outlook Web Access (OWA)
    1. See and click through to all the mailboxes you have access to through Role Manager.
    2. Use then select "Private Computer" for all day access.
    3. (Optional) Add as a bookmark/favorite or drag a shortcut to your desktop for quick access.
    Outlook 2010 Client (Windows) 2nd Account
    • Send as User
    • See Notifications
    • See Calendar Reminders
    1. File
    2. Add Account
    3. Type
    2nd Mailbox
    • Can't send as User
    • No Notifications
    • No Calendar Reminders
    1. File
    2. Account Settings
    3. Account Settings
    4. Change
    5. More Settings...
    6. Advanced
    7. Add Mailbox
    Type on first launch.
    Outlook 2011 Client (Macintosh)
    1. Tools
    2. Accounts
    3. Advanced
    4. Delegates
    5. People I am a delegate for:
    1. Type on first launch.
    2. Type campus username.
    3. Type campus password.


    1. This is a read-only setup.  OWA must be used to send.
    2. Calendar sharing is not supported.

    To send mail from the new mailbox:

    1. Outlook 2010 Client (Windows)
      1. Create new message
      2. Click "From" in the "Show Fields" section of the ribbon bar
      3. Click the "From" drop-down then click "Other email address..."
      4. Type the department address then click "OK"
    • When trying to move a folder with a 2nd mailbox you may get the error message, "Cannot copy this folder because it may contain private items.".
      • This is expected behavior.  In order to move folders you need to do it in the 1st mailbox.