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Archiving Email

  • Most BYU-Idaho mailboxes have a quota of 500MB.
  • By archiving items you can free up space in your mailbox without losing access to information.
  • This works by moving these emails onto your personal computer.
  • This process differs slightly depending on the client that you are using.
  • NOTE: PST files created and managed on your PC hard drive are not automatically backed up. Should your hard drive or PC fail and the data is not copied or backed up to a network folder or another storage device, all archive information will be lost. You should ensure that your Archive PST files are either stored on a network folder that is regularly backed up, or ensure that you backup your local PST file frequently. We cannot recover archived mail once it has been removed from the online system.
Windows Macintosh
Outlook 2013 Outlook 2011
Outlook 2010 Apple Mail
Outlook 2007 Entourage