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  • While Outlook is the most-popular email app on campus, we also support the calendaring, tasks, and notes capabilites of that software; along with other productivity (Microsoft Office) and communications/messaging apps such as chat (LivePerson)fax, and instant messaging (Lync).
  • Brigham Young University - Idaho provides all users with an official email account.  
  • You are responsible to actively and regularly check your email account for any and all electronic correspondence from the University.
  • We do not provide any support for forwarding campus mail to a personal email account.  If you forward your BYUI email to your own personal email account, you are then responsible for all information sent and anythign lost through your personal email.

Email 101

Imagine a large office building. This office building has hundreds of employees, and deep down in the basement is a mail room, which receives the tons of paper mail delivered by the postal service every day.

  • Domain:
    • Address of the building. The postal service simply delivers all mail for anyone in that building to the back door, where they drop it in big a lump. That's the equivalent of the internet handing off all email addressed to that domain to the mail server for that domain.
  • Mail server:
    • The team of hard-working mail clerks who pick up the mail from the back door, carry it down to the basement, and start sorting it.
  • Account:
    • Each employee has a physical mailbox - that's their "account", in which they receive their paper mail.
  • Credentials:
    • Each mailbox is protected by a lock and key. That's the equivalent to the employee's email account username and password.
  • Processing:
    • Incoming email is delivered as the mail clerks examine each piece of mail and shove it into a corresponding mailbox.
  • Addresses:
    • However, each employee might go by several names ... each of those is an "address". I might go by "Tony", "Brother Derricott", or "Chief Email Guy", and the mail clerks know to deliver all the email addressed to any of those to my single mailbox.
  • Program/App:
    • The guy that takes the mail out of your box, and delivers it to your desk for you to read. He's your "mail program".
  • Filter:
    • Perhaps the mail clerks recognize and automatically throw away junk mail - that would be your spam filter.
  • Bounce:
    • Mail that the clerks don't know how to handle? They mark it "unknown; return to sender" - that's a "bounce".

Email Access

To access your my BYU-Idaho email (through a browser), simply login to and then click the EMAIL tab.

Email Protection

Email Support

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    • Watch the links to the left or click through to any of the articles below.  As we get problems from our faculty and students that may apply to more people than we thought, we'll be making new pages as references for you to check out!  
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    • Want to set up an appointment for us to work with you (or your department) to get help with your email?
      When things get busy and your Inbox starts to fill up, some of our organizational and filtering techniques can save you time and worry when you're working through those busy mail loads to keep you organized properly. Set up a workshop with us today to get your department on track with email!
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