This article provides instructions on how to build or rebuild your Microsoft Outlook profile. Follow these steps to set a new default profile.

1. Go to your BYU-Idaho account and click the Email tab.

2. Click your name in the top right-hand corner.

3. Click Open Another Mailbox.

4. Type in the email address.

5. Exit Outlook.

6. Click Start.

7. Type Run and hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

8. In the window that opens, type exe/profiles into the blank Open bar.

9. Click OK.

10. When Outlook opens, click New.

11. A window will appear asking you to enter a name for the profile. Type in the name you would like to have attached to this profile.

12. A window will appear asking you for information about you and your email address.

  1. In the email Address field, type in your BYU-Idaho username followed by
  2. In the Password field, type in your BYU-Idaho password, then type it again in the Retype Password field.

13. Outlook will now configure your profile. This may take a few minutes. Once the configuration is complete, click Finish on the popup that appears.

14. A popup will appear asking you to choose a default profile. Select the name of the profile you just created.

15. Click Options and check the box that says Set as default profile.

16. Click OK.

17. Outlook may ask for your username and password again. Follow step #12 by making sure to use the / BYU-Idaho password format.

18. Check the Remember my credentials box.