November 1, 2017
Writer: IT Communications Writer

The Backstory of Antivirus Man 

Disclaimer - Antivirus Man is a fictitious character that was created by the BYU-Idaho IT department as a way to educate about antivirus software. The following story is also fictitious and made purely with the intent to entertain.

Andy Vanderberg was just a normal student majoring in General Studies at BYU-Idaho. He watched movies with friends and did his homework, just like everybody else. He procrastinated projects and papers until the night before, yet always seemed to pull off good grades. College was going great.

Until the accident.

Andy was sitting in his bedroom one night, trying to finish his homework after a bad break-up with his true love, whom he had met two weeks earlier. He was so distraught, he didn't even notice that a thunderstorm had started outside.

He was furiously working so he could submit his English paper on time when it happened. BAM! Lightning struck his building's electrical system. ZAP! He felt his entire body tingle as electricity coursed through the outlet. It ran up through his laptop and into his fingertips before jolting through his entire body. His glasses tumbled from his face, leaving the world in foggy darkness. As lightning flashed, Andy fell to the floor and passed out.    

When Andy awoke the next morning, he felt different...stronger! Smarter! Buffer! He got up off the floor, put his glasses on, and gingerly approached his computer.    

It was then that Andy realized just how thoroughly things had changed for him. When he logged on to his computer, the room around him vanished in a whirl of color and sound as he was transferred into an electrical plain filled with little computer people. He was inside his computer! Everything seemed so interesting until he learned that his computer wasn't as safe as he originally thought.    

He saw little viruses running about wreaking havoc on not only his computer, but everyone else's as well. Scareware ghosts lurking in the shadows, wriggly pink worms burrowing from one computer to the next, adware salesmen peddling watches and speakers, and more! They were all attacking his computer, and computers just like his, by making them slower, cluttering them with fake ads, and even stealing information from them.    

It was then that Andy knew he had to do something to protect computers from ultimate destruction. At that moment, Andy Vanderberg became...Antivirus Man!    

He has taken a solemn oath to protect all computers from villainous viruses. As he ceremoniously places his glasses on his face, he not only sees more clearly, but he becomes all computer viruses' worst nightmare.   

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