Android Multi-Email Configuration (Faculty)

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Android Device Email Setup

To properly setup an Android Device, please follow these steps.

1. Click on the "Options" button on your phone.

2. Select "Accounts."

3. Push the "Options" button on your phone, again.

4. Select "Add Account."

5. Input your BYU-Idaho email address and password.

6. Select "Manual Setup."

7. Select "Exchange" as the type.

8. Input your BYU-Idaho username in the "Username" field.
9. Input your BYU-Idaho password in the "Password" field.
10. Input "" for the "Server" field.

11. Click "OK" to allow Remote Security Administration.

12. When the "Account Options" screen comes up click "Next"

Now that you have followed these steps, you have successfully configured your Android Device with your Faculty/Staff Email!