Android Email Setup

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Android Image

1. Go to settings in your list of apps.

Android Image

2. Select "Accounts".

Android Image               

3. Select "Add account".

Android Image

4. Select "Microsoft Exchange..."

5. Type in your email address in the top box

6. Input your password for BYU-Idaho
7.Click the "Manual setup" button.

8. Type the following information (example is for Tony Derricott):

    • Email address:
    • Domain\username:
      • (Note: Your username is what you use to login to but must include the on the end in order for Office 365 servers to recognize it. Ex:
    • Exchange server:

10. Then click next after scrolling down. (Note: If it asks to approve and permission
changes, allow them.)

Android Image

11. Select the sync options that you desire
then click next.

Android Image

12. Last of all it will ask for administrative
rights. Allow this and you are finished!