Academics Portfolio

The Academics Portfolio is the largest portfolio, which results in a very unique service.  It services many individuals - faculty, adjunct, online, Pathway, library, institutional research, etc. and the 30+ departments on campus.  Through this portfolio, I.T. supports a variety of projects from University-level to unique course-level initiatives as well as identifying needs of department chairs and deans. 

The top services include classroom technologies; web-based teaching and learning technologies; administrative technologies; tier 2 and 3 (operational) support for all teaching, learning and academic administration software and hardware; and project management for all teaching, learning and academic administration projects.

Major systems within the Academics Portfolio include our learning management system (BrainHoney); content management through Equella and; Crestron (classroom technology controls); Academic Administrative applications for the Testing Center, Library, etc. (47 titles); and Academic Department applications (78 titles).

Current Projects & Initiatives:

Educational Positioning System (EPS)

The Academic Department at BYU-Idaho has provided the vision for an integrated suite of tools to assist a growing online and on-campus student population.  For our students, who need reliable academic information and advice, the Educational Positioning System (EPS) is a set of self-help tools that help the student prepare for learning, explore careers, choose a major, plan courses, develop competencies, improve academic performance, and succeed after graduation.  Unlike our current systems, EPS provides an integrated and easy-to-use solution that will support a growing student population without having to hire more administrators. 

I-Learn 3.0

I-learn is the name for BYU-Idaho's Learning Management System (LMS).  An LMS is a technology tool that allows teachers and students to improve the teaching and learning experience.  The LMS creates repository for course content, provides tools for administration of a course, is a centralized grade book, can be used for collaboration, etc.   The current BYU-Idaho LMS uses BrainHoney by Agilix as its core product and it has served BYU-Idaho well.  As the pathway and online degree programs continue to grow, the LMS becomes an even more important tool for the delivery of courses.  For this reason, we are currently undergoing an analysis project to evaluate the current and future needs relating to LMS functionality, scalability and serviceability.  This project is called the I-learn 3.0 project and it will inform future LMS decisions to ensure they are in alignment with university goals.

Learning Resources

In an effort to lower the cost of materials to students while also improving the quality of the learning, the academic portfolio is currently piloting a project called the Learning Resources Project and using the Learning Ace product from Ace Learning Company.  This project will redefine how students and faculty discover and use educational materials through the development of learning paths to organize relevant content for specific topics.