IT Mission Statement

BYU-Idaho Information Technology focuses on developing disciples of Jesus Christ who are leaders in their homes, the church, and their communities by providing technology-based solutions that support and enhance the BYU-Idaho experience.

IT Guiding Principles


We will support the BYU-Idaho mission and focus our efforts on increasing the quality of the student experience, serving more students, and lowering the relative cost of BYU-Idaho education.


Employees will understand how they contribute to the mission of BYU-Idaho through clear responsibilities and stewardships, transparent expectations, and regular evaluations.


We will rely on inspired decisions that are forward thinking and data driven— remembering to consider the long-term implications of those decisions.


Through open, honest, and transparent communication, the University community will understand IT services and support.


We will become predictable and repeatable with established common architectures and standards.

Employee Development

We will provide our staff with the tools, training, and support needed to allow them to succeed and grow.

Customer Driven

IT decisions will be founded on customer needs.


We will deploy resources to meet institutional priorities.


We will function as one IT team.

IT Vision Statement

IT Executive Council (ITEC)

Joe Taylor's Professional Picture

Joe Taylor

Chief Information Officer

Jeff Hassett's Professional Picture

Jeff Hassett

Deputy Chief Information

Mike Kunz's Professional Picture

Mike Kunz

Senior IT Business Officer
University Resources
Systems and Services

Debbie Peck's Professional Picture

Debbie Peck

Student Service Systems
and Services Coordinator

Kent Barrus's Professional Picture

Kent Barrus

Academic Systems
and Services Coordinator

John Mackenzie's Professional Picture

John Mackenzie

Director for Planning
and Project Management

Annie Stott's Professional Picture

Annie Stott

Director of Process

Michael Wegner's Professional Picture

Michael Wegner

Online Systems and
Services Coordinator

David Bailey's Professional Picture

David Bailey

Risk Management Director

Jen Craner's Professional Picture

Jen Craner

Administrative Assistant

IT Operations Leadership Team

Dan Peterson's Professional Picture

Dan Peterson

End User Technologies
Support Director

Nykolus Vail's Professional Picture

Nykolus Vail

Classroom/Lab Technologies
Support Director

Doug Conway's Professional Picture

Doug Conway

Enterprise Applications

Joe McWilliams's Professional Picture

Joe McWilliams

Data Services

Shaun Sessions's Professional Picture

Shaun Sessions

Network Services

Todd Smith's Professional Picture

Todd Smith

Platform Services