Push notifications are the easiest and fastest way of authenticating your access to BYU-Idaho's website. At any time, both new and existing employees can set up their accounts to receive automatic push notifications from Duo Mobile for their 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). 

  1. Install the app or sign up for Duo Mobile. 

NOTE: For more information about installing the Duo Mobile app, please check out our article Installing Duo Mobile on Android, Apple, or Windows Device.  

  1. Sign into your BYU-Idaho account.  

NOTE: If you are a new employee, select Start setup and skip to step 6. 

  1. Select Add a new device.

  2. Select Call Me.

  3. You will receive a phone call from Duo Security. Answer the phone and follow the instructions you receive.

  4. After you hang up the phone, you will be asked what type of device you wish to authenticate with. Choose Mobile Phone from the list provided.
New Employees: Select Mobile Phone.
  1. You will then be taken to a screen where you will need to enter and confirm a phone number for your account. Enter the same phone number that you entered in Workday into the box provided, then check the box next to the line This number already exists and will be replaced. 

New Employees: Enter your phone number.

  1. After you have verified the phone number you entered is correct, select Continue.
  2. You will be taken to a screen where you will be asked what type of phone you wish to use - iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or other. Select your phone type and select Continue
  3. The next screen will prompt you to install the Duo Mobile app if you have not done so already. After you have downloaded and installed the app, select I have Duo Mobile installed. 

NOTE: Mobile devices may have an additional step of select Take me to Duo Mobile. You will be asked if you want to confirm leaving your browser. Confirm that you want to leave the browser.  

  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to link your account to Duo Mobile (which for new employees might entail scanning a barcode). For mobile devices, seeing the BYU-Idaho logo and a picture of a key means you have successfully linked Duo Mobile with your account. Closeout of the app and return to your browser.
  2. New Employees: Select Continue, then Finish Enrollment. 
  3. Return to the BYU-Idaho homepage and log in to your BYU-Idaho account again. 
  4. You will be taken to the main authentication screen. Select the box next to Remember me for 30 days to save your authentication for that Internet browser, and that device, for 30 days. Then select Send me a push and respond to the notification. You will receive a push notification asking you to verify that you are the person currently trying to access your account. Open the notification and select the green checkmark.  

You are now set up with 2-Factor Authentication. From now on, any time you need to authenticate you will only need to select Send me a Push whenever you are asked to authenticate.  


NOTE: If you receive a notification like this when you are not trying to log into your account, it means that someone is trying to get into your account. Open the notification and select the red X to deny the request, and make sure to change your BYU-Idaho password as soon as possible.