If you are a new employee at BYU-Idaho, you will be required to enroll in 2-factor authentication (2FA). For more about 2FA, please watch our Introduction: Why 2FA? video.

NOTE: These instructions are only for setting up 2FA using push notifications. For information about setting up 2FA using a phone call or a text message, please visit our How to Set Up 2-Factor Authentication Using a Phone Call or How to Set Up 2-Factor Authentication Using a Text Message articles.

To enroll in 2FA using push notifications:

1. Log in to your BYU-Idaho account.

Step 1 Image

2. Click Start setup.

Step 2 Image

3. Click Mobile phone.

Step 3 Image

4. Enter your phone number.

Step 4 Image

5. Verify that the phone number you entered is correct and click Continue.

Step 5 Image

6. Choose the type of phone you are enrolling and click Continue.

Step 6 Image

7. Download the Duo Mobile app, then click I have Duo Mobile installed.

Step 7 Image

8. Follow the onscreen instructions to scan the barcode, then click Continue.

9. Click Finish Enrollment.

10. You’ll be taken to the main 2FA screen. This is the screen you’ll see every time you need to authenticate. Click Remember me for 30 days to save your authentication for that Internet browser, and that device, for 30 days.

11. Click Send me a push.

12. You’ll receive a push notification asking you to verify that you are the person currently trying to access your account. Open the notification and tap the green check mark.

NOTE: If you receive a notification like this when you are not trying to log in to your account, it means that someone is trying to get into your account. Open the notification and tap the red X to deny the request, and make sure to change your BYU-Idaho password as soon as possible.

You’re now set up with 2FA and logged in to your account! You’ll only need to do this when logging in to your BYU-Idaho account from an off-campus network, and only every 30 days per device and browser.