Humanities Major

The Humanities major is designed in the spirit of the ancient and proven curriculum of the liberal arts.  The liberal arts are literally those arts appropriately exercised by a free people for their own sakes: learning that has as its end, a well-trained mind, a virtuous character, and a spiritual and intellectual life rich in concepts and symbols.  The liberal arts, more than any other curriculum, develop students' abilities to understand, interpret, and evaluate complex texts, to articulate clearly their own thinking, to make effective judgments, and to solve problems.

The Humanities major is designed for students who want a broad liberal education and an excellent preparation for professional schools such as law and medicine, for graduate programs in the humanities and other liberal arts, and for life as parents, citizens, and disciples.  Liberal arts students also find their skills very much sought after by businesses.  For many centuries the liberal arts have proven their value in preparing people for successful living and working.