Academic Requirements

To ensure that participants are sufficiently prepared for the Europe experience, all must complete a prerequisite course before departure.  Generally, one of the Humanities Foundations courses or World Foundations 101 is required. Students who have taken FDHUM 105 (or equivalent - such as FDCA 101 or FDHUM 110) or Art 101, Art 201, Art 202, Hum 201 or Hum 202 have filled this requirement.  Students participating in travel-study programs must enroll as full-time students (5-9 credit hours per block) selecting from a Humanities-based curriculum.  Courses cannot be audited.

Courses Available

Students on any of the track systems are eligible for the tour and can earn the following credits:

Course Course Title Credits
Art 201 Art History I 3
Art 202 Art History II 3
Art 395 Travel Studies in the Arts 1-3
Art 490 Religious Symbolism 3
Hum 201 Western Culture 3
Hum 202 Western Culture 3
Hum 385 Travel Study 1-3