Academic Requirements

Each tour student will need to treat this tour experience like a semester here on campus. Thus, each course that they take will need to be able to be applied towards graduation. Each applicant will need to meet with a tour director to decide how best to pick courses to best serve them academically and move them closer to graduation. 

Those students who will be on-track during the tour will need to take 14 credits from the courses listed below (additional options of available 2nd block classes are also available). Those students who will be off-track during the tour will need to take 6 credits from those listed below. 

Courses Available

Students on any of the track systems are eligible for the tour and can earn the following credits:

Course Course Title Credits
Art 160 Photography I 3
Art 201 Art History I 3
Art 202 Art History II 3
Art 395R Travel Studies in the Arts 1-3
Art 490 Religious Symbolism 3
Hum 201 Western Culture 3
Hum 202 Western Culture 3
Hum 350R Junior Seminar in the Humanities 3
Hum 385 Travel Study 1-3
FDREL 390R Special Topics (The Sacred) 2