In order to apply, you must be in good academic standing and be aware of the fiancial requirements that are part of the tour. The tour curriculum is specificially geared towards Humanities and Art majors. However, all majors are encouraged to apply, given the inclusive nature of the courses available on the tour.  

Application Steps

It is important to read and understand the following information BEFORE applying to the program.

1. Fill out the application

Our application is a Google Form, so please plan accordingly. 

Once you have finished the application, you will be notified of your application status through the email that you indicate on your application. This will be to let you know that we received your application and it is in the consideration process. You will also be notified of the acceptance status of your application through the email indicated on your application. Applications will open October 25 and we will accept applications through  Feb. 20, 2019.

2. Write your application essay

You will be asked to write a 500-word minimum essay covering the following information. The essay should cover:

  1. How your previous experiences will enhance travel study experience
  2. How the tour would benefit your current course of study
  3. How the participating in the tour would enhance/benefit you in your future job, family, community, etc.

3. Meet with a Tour Director

4. Respond to acceptance

Official acceptance emails will be sent out about a week after the applications are no longer accepted. 

Students that are accepted and those invited to be on the waiting list must respond to the invitation as directed. Vacancies resulting from engagements, illness, or economic downturns occur annually, and frequently, and are filled with students on the waiting list.

*Application does not automatically guarantee admission to the program. Only about 46 participants can be accommodated in each program. Admission is granted according to the relevance of the tour to students' academic standing, program diversity, and other program needs.