In my life in general, I have a greater optimism for my future that I never had before. Being a humanities major is a source of great pride for me, and with this pride, I have the confidence to tackle whatever the future brings. This helps fight off the feelings of stagnancy or inadequacy that often come after college graduation. 


Cami Showley's life as a stay-at-home mom has been successful because she has always been an adaptive individual. When Showley first began at BYU-Idaho, the Humanities and Philosophy major did not exist but talk of it was enough for her to work with her professor to make sure she took the right classes to qualify for this major. 


My degree taught me how to balance the demands of completing challenging work on a deadline, thriving in team/group environments, and ensuring that I think critically about the best possible way of completing a task. Both in working after undergrad and in law school, my degree has continued to fuel my passion for learning.