Useful time tracking reports that will help supervisors run helpful reports to better manage employees

October 14, 2016
Writer: Millie Carter

Set Up Instructions

Note: Access the following reports by searching in the Workday search box. Most reports will require you to enter a Start and End date. It is helpful to limit your scope when displaying reports, we recommend displaying only one or two weeks at a time. 

TT Workers with No Time Entered

  • Displays all workers in a supervisory origanization that have not entered time in the period selected. (Note: Employees are no longer automatically terminated with inactivity, so it can be helpful to use this report to find employees that are no longer working.)

TT Unmatched Time Clock Event

  • Displays employees that have an unmatched Time Clock event(s) within the pay period.
  • This report can be useful for trouleshooting problems with employees being unable to submit time. (Note: An unmatched Time Clock event will prevent them from submitting their hours.)

TT Workers with Unsubmitted Time

  • Displays a list of all employees who have unsubmitted time within the pay period.
  • Supervisors can modify time for an individual employee through the related actions button. When this change is made and submitted, they are automatically approved.

TT Hours Worked

  • Provides a comprehensive breakdown of all employees with time worked. This includes the current pay rate and cost center. 
  • This is useful for budgeting purposes and to gather hours for a specific supervisory organization.

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