Easy tips on how to terminate employees

October 12, 2016
Writer: Millie Carter

Note: Before terminating an employee, make sure that the options "End Additional Job" or "Switch Primary Job" are not available. If these options are available, or the only option is to "End Additional Job" please see the appropriate step-by-step tutorials on the Workday Tutorials webpage.


To Terminate an Employee:

Step 1: Search "Terminate Employee" in Workday

Step 2: Enter the name of the employee that needs to be terminated

Step 3: Select the correct reason for termination: 

      1. Voluntary: Often used when a student graduates or leaves the job for other opportunities

      2. Involuntary: When the termination is at the discretion of the supervisor, contact Mckinzie Cole ext. 1708

Step 4: Enter the Last Day of Work (Note: All date fields default to the same date)

Step 5: Check the regrettable box if the termination is a loss to the department

Step 6: Attach any documents if desired

Step 7: Click Submit

What's Next:

The termination will route to the HR Partner for approval.


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